How Can You do Parkour Online?

This is a question that we’ve been asked a lot and whilst it may seem that staying indoors and parkour are incompatible, there is still a chance to use the newfound restrictions as an opportunity to learn in new ways! Of course large parts of parkour include: chaining together moves; exploring new areas around the city; and meeting up with people who have a similar passion. However, we can still find great value in continuing to practice parkour online! We can still meet new people. We can learn a variety of new moves that set us up well for when we are able to practice outdoors again. We can condition our bodies and minds to become better suited to the requirements of parkour.

Still, sometimes it can feel a bit strange and directionless. Like you’re wondering what all this indoor training is building up to. To shine some light on what we’re working towards, we have some words of wisdom from our wonderful coach Jason Cheung:

“With online movement training indoors, it can be quite difficult to conceptualise what we’re doing or how it translates into broader movement. The lack of space can mean that it might not feel like you’re executing the techniques properly or that you’re not quite sure what they lead to.

With that in mind, I thought I’d film some sequences that showcase a few of the movements we will be working towards. As mentioned at the start of the course, the idea is to gradually build up your repertoire of moves so that you are able to string together your own combinations.

The awareness, strength and transition awareness that we will develop are not only incredibly useful in the acrobatics field (as well as a lot of fun), but will also translate directly into becoming a better parkour practitioner and overall mover.

Hopefully this makes things a little less abstract and gives you a clearer idea of what we’re building towards. See you in class!”

What we can work towards with online parkour