About the Club

UCL Parkour Club is a society of active people that learn skills and movements like no other sport. Joining parkour will allow you to challenge yourself to overcome any obstacle, be it physical or mental. With roots in movement, these obstacles could relate to traversing across a high wall or landing a tricky move. While this may sound daunting, parkour will enable you to conquer them in a step by step manner, using the environment to test your skills.

Regardless of fitness level or experience, we cater for everyone! Whether you want to incorporate parkour into a healthy lifestyle or become a seasoned traceur, we run coached sessions every week where members can expect a good workout in safe hands. In our classes, you will be taught how to vault, jump and flow smoothly over a variety of obstacles in an urban environment.

Due to COVID-19, Term 1’s socials and coached training will be online.


Remote Membership

£ 0 Year

Can't make it to London this year? Take advantage of our online classes for free!

Full Membership

£ 25 Year

Full access to all of our online classes, online socials and in-person outdoor sessions.