Our Committee

William Silverwood


Likes: the sesh, getting the worst meal in Nando’s, new people joining the club
Dislikes: landing on my shins, bad event turnouts, anyone who regards Stafford as Northern

Coco Jin


Likes: skateboarding, 10s’ trashy club music, Texas hold’em
Dislikes: thousands of drunk memories, anything that resembles a bike, the Underground after 9pm

Tom Wray

Training Officer

Likes: boardgames, filling up on curry and pints after training, almost failing my degree each year
Dislikes: queueing for Loop, my local MP, Kings Polytechnic London

Jade Wang

Social Secretary

Likes: pub, break dance, chicken shops
Dislikes: push ups, Asian flush, writing about myself

Parminder Sidhu

Welfare Officer

Likes: seals, cocktails without Sambuca
Dislikes: spiders, cocktails with Sambuca, liquorice